Program phased - graphical display of magnetic phase diagrams

phased [file]
produces graphic of magnetic xy($HT$)-phase diagram [file]. Note that perl and pgplot are needed in order to use this program. Thus it is more convenient to use displaycontour:
substitute "p " " " results/mcphas.xyt
to substitute the p in the file with spaces
displaycontour 1 2 8 results/mcphas.xyt
to display the phase indices as coloured phase diagram.

Mind that the plot produced is based on the phase number given in mcphas.xyt, which may be different for the ''same'' magnetic structure as mentioned above (section 7.4, mcphas.phs). It is recommended to check carefully, if some magnetic structures are physically equal, although numbered with different phase numbers by the program. If such a case is detected, the phase numbers in mcphas.xyt should be put to the same value in order to be able to identify the stability region in the plot.

Figure 21: Calculated magnetic phase diagram of NdCu$_2$ for field parallel to the orthorhombic $b$-direction.
\includegraphics[angle=-90, width=0.5\textwidth]{figsrc/ndcu2b/resultss/}

Martin Rotter 2017-01-10