analysing the results of searchspace

The results of a parameter search can be analysed by starting searchspace for example as

searchspace -13 results/searchspace.2.localminima mcphas.jjj [end possible other input files].

In this example the parameter set (line) number 13 is taken from the file results/searchspace.2.localminima. Obviously this parameter set is the local minimum number 13 from a previous searchspace run with searchspace level 2. Using this input searchspace updates mcphas.jjj and other parameter files with this parameter set. The standard deviation can be recalculated now easily by typing calcsta, thereby all output files are updated and the quality of this parmaeter set can be inspected, e.g. by making graphs etc. Note that also the files *.forfit are updated with these parameters (this is useful for a later use with simannfit).

Martin Rotter 2017-01-10