Programs of General Interest

just make a beep to signal attention
gauss fwhm stp min max:
calculate a gaussian, output goes to console (stdout), the formula for a gaussian is: $\sigma={\rm fwhm}/\sqrt{8*log(2)}$, ${\rm gauss}(x)=\frac{exp(-x^2/2 \sigma^2)}{\sqrt{2*\pi}\sigma}$
gauss2d fwhm1 fwhm2 theta stpx minx maxx stpy miny maxy:
calculate a 2 dimensional gaussian, output goes to console (stdout), the formula for a two dimensional gaussian is: $\sigma={\rm fwhm}/\sqrt{8*log(2)}$, ${\rm gauss}(x,y)=\frac{exp(-u_1^2/2 \sigma_1^2)}{\sqrt{2*\pi}\sigma_1}\frac{exp(-u_2^2/2 \sigma_2^2)}{\sqrt{2*\pi}\sigma_2}$ with $u_1=x cos(\theta)-ysin(\theta)$ and $u_2=y cos(\theta)+xsin(\theta)$, $\theta$ is the rotation angle in degree.
lorentz fwhm stp min max:
calculate a lorentzian, output goes to console (stdout)the formula for a Lorentz curve is: ${\rm lorentz}(x)=\frac{1.0}{\pi{\rm fwhm}(1.0+x^2/fwhm^2)}$
plotbook *.ps:
program plotbook to arrange many (single side) ps-images to one booklet (needs: latex, pstops,ghostscript, perl)
script2html calc1.bat calc2.bat ...
This program creates a html file from scripts containing just the text in the scripts.
 input: calc1.bat, calc2.bat ...    scripts (bat files)
                                   (must be located in the current directory)
 output: stdout      ...........   html file created from the scripts
                                   (use ">" to pipe into file)

 script2html calc.bat notes.txt > report.html

 [creates the html file report.html from files calc.bat and notes.txt]
setvariable varname value *.*:
sets a variable in a file, e.g. setvariable T 20 Co.sipf replaces T=15 by T=20 in file Co.sipf.
substitute oldtext newtext *.*:
replaces every instance of oldtext with newtext in file(s) *.*

Martin Rotter 2017-01-10