Input Files

The program McPhase needs the following input files (all in the same directory) in order to run:

  1. mcphas.ini - controlling the algorithm
  2. mcphas.j - lattice and exchange parameters
  3. mcphas.tst(optional) - test spin configurations
  4. single-ion property files
  5. directory ./results/ - directory where calculated data is stored
  6. directory ./fit - experimental data for fit (optional)

All of these input files have to be in one directory and the program has to be started in this directory. The results of the simulation are then stored in the subdirectory ./results/, which must exist before starting the program ... see directory ./examples/ for some examples. In order to prepare these files for a new calculation it is best to take them from an example, copy the files to a new directory and make the modifications to adapt them to the new problem.


Martin Rotter 2017-01-10