Starting a simulation

To start the simulation goto the directory containing the input files mcphas.ini, mcphas.j, etc. and type

to run the program generating stepwise $H-T$ values in a loop given by mcphas.ini (you can also press the symbol in the McPhase - Explorer window).
mcphas [file]
to run the program with an input file - file contains T ha hb hc values to be calculated if [file] is not given, xmin xmax xstep (xT xHa xHb xHc) ymin ymax ystep (yT yHa yHb yHc) is read from file mcphas.ini and phase diagram is calculated
mcphas -h
to print help and version of McPhas.
mcphas -stamax 14
end mcphas if standard deviation exceeds 14.
mcphas -a
avoid overwriting output files in results, append new results to existing files
mcphas -v
to enable verbose mode with lots of messages of McPhas. Specifically the verbose mode enables the following features:
to start mcphase in commandline mode without opening any window


Martin Rotter 2017-01-10