Options for a running simulation

... when the program is running, the options in the main window can be changed. Pressing ''displayall'' displays the current spin-configuration at each iteration step. Pressing ''log fe vs Q'' appends free energy vs Q data to mcphas.log for every ($T-H$) point.

The file ./results/.spins.eps is used to show the information about the currently calculated spin structure on the screen using the postscript file viewer ghostview.

The file ./results/.mcphas.fum contains the information of the magnetisation curve which is currently calculated. This information is automatically displayed on the screen.

The program display (see section 16.1) can be used for the online display of any other curve(s).

Figure 9: Calculated magnetisation of NdCu$_2$ for field parallel to the orthorhombic $b$-direction.
\includegraphics[angle=0, width=0.3\textwidth]{figsrc/magnetization_ndcu2.ps}

Figure 10: Calculated spontaneous magnetostriction of NdCu$_2$.
\includegraphics[angle=0, width=0.8\textwidth]{figsrc/magnetostriction_ndcu2.eps}

Martin Rotter 2017-01-10