mcdisp - the Calculation Program for Magnetic Excitations

For a given field $\mathbf H$ and temperature $T$ the dynamics of the magnetic system can be calculated by the program mcdisp, for details on the theory see appendix M. mcdisp requires as input files the mcphas.j and single ion input files. In addition, the input file mcdisp.par and are needed (see description below).

mcdisp [options]
[]] calculates the dispersion of magnetic excitations needs as input file a (default and mcdisp.par. Creates files ./results/mcdisp.qom and ./results/mcdisp.qei containing the dispersion of the magnetic excitations and the neutron scattering intensity.

Options are:

mcdispit [options]
[]] same as mcdisp, but no graphic window

Martin Rotter 2017-01-10