External module function dspindensity_coeff1 - used by mcdisp

In order to visualize spin density fluctuations the external single ion module has to provide the transition matrix elements of the spindensity coefficient operator $a^{x,y,z}_{S,lm}$ by a vector $aSlm1$, which is given by: ${\rm aS1}^s_{\alpha=lm}=\sqrt{(p_--p_+)}\langle -\vert a^{x,y,z}_{S,lm}-\langle a^{x,y,z}_{S,lm}\rangle_{\mathbf H,T}\vert+\rangle$.

The format to be used is:

extern "C" int dspindensity_ceoff1(int & tn,double & T,Vector & Hxc,Vector & Hext,double * g_J,Vector & MODPAR,
char ** sipffilename,ComplexVector & aSlm1,int & xyz,float & maxE, ComplexMatrix & est)
The meaning of the symbols follows exactly that of function dm1 and therefore not explained here.

Martin Rotter 2017-01-10